The Hoop Club supports the Lady Mustangs basketball program.  All parents of a Lady Mustangs basketball player are a member of The Hoop Club.


There are many volunteer opportunities for players and parents to support The Hoop Club and the Lady Mustangs basketball program.

  • Concessions - The girls basketball program will get a portion of all concession sales worked.  

  • Mulch Sale - The boys/girls basketball programs work together to set up, take orders, gather orders, deliver orders, and take down during the two weekends of this sale.  Profits are divided between the two programs. 

  • Coat Check (Homecoming and Winter Dances) - The Lady Mustangs basketball program runs a coat check during the Homecoming and Winter dances.  Volunteers are needed to collect fees, label bags, collect bags, organize bags, and return bags to students at the end of the event.  Profits from the coat check go into the Lady Mustangs basketball program.

  • Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser- Volunteers are needed to help contact local businesses for donations to help support the fundraiser; pancake batter, juice, paper products, etc.  Additionally, the day of the fundraiser volunteers are needed to set up, cook, serve, collect fees, and clean up after the event.  Players and parents participate. 

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Game - T-shirts, raffles and games.  Volunteers are needed to work the raffles and games.  Also, donations are accepted for baskets, prizes to be raffled.  All proceeds benefit the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  


The Hoop Club may have other events where volunteers are needed.  The list above are just a few of them.